Where Should You Buy Your Products?

The term "nutritional consultant" is often used by people with little or no real background in nutrition and no medical training. The advice these people dispense is typically designed to promote a particular product line and sell those products to their customers.

In contrast, NutriEssentials principal consultant Amy Joy Smith has an extensive background in medical training and nutritional research. Her services are fee-based, and there is no pressure to buy products through NutriEssentials. In fact, we advise clients to seek the lowest cost options available for the quality of products we recommend. These recommendations usually take a "best of breed" approach based on what's available to meet the client's needs regardless of who manufactures the product.

However, some of the recommended products are not available through traditional channels. In addition, clients often ask us to supply products as a matter of convenience. For these reasons, NutriEssentials now makes products available upon request. Usually these are "drop shipped" from trusted third-party sources. In other cases, NutriEssentials offers products at 10% - 30% off retail, which saves clients money vs. buying them at the local health food store or over the Internet.

If you're interested in ordering nutritional products through NutriEssentials, please call (707) 237-4922.



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